Tips on Working from Home for Mothers

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It’s not easy balancing work and taking care of your family at the same time. It is a task that can prove to be a little too arduous for most mothers. This is especially the case for those with newly born babies. You have finally landed your dream job as a stay-at-home mom working from the comforts of your home and want to ensure its longevity. How do you manage this new challenge? Through properly thought out scheduling and establishing some ground rules, mothers have been able to juggle between work and taking care of their families. Here are some excellent pointers  you can apply to help you manage to be a working, stay-at-home mom;

1.     Be Transparent With Your Clients

Honesty is of vital importance as a mother working from home. Be open with your clients from the onset and throughout the working relationship. It will save you the need to keep explaining yourself every now and then when you delay work. You may face specific interferences, such as when your child barges into your workspace. Other distractions include pet noises or the usual hustle and bustle in and within the house. When receiving or making calls, it would be wise to start by explaining to your client that you work from home, and they might hear children in the background. Most people are understanding, and as such, transparency goes a long way when working from home.

2.     Get Your Baby ona Schedule

We cannot emphasis the importance of a schedule for any mother working from home. You need to chart out a proper plan for all your child’s activities throughout the day from when they wake up to when they go out to play, and eventually when they sleep. You should include feeding times in the schedule. This will help you manage your working hours better as well as ensure you do not neglect your baby.  Retrospectively, this helps create a conducive working environment as well as giving you peace of mind.

3.     Designate an Area in Your House for Work

Many working mothers have an office in their homes. The workspace gives them the privacy and tranquillity they need to focus solely on their work without fearing any interference from their children or family. However, if all the rooms in your house are already occupied, you can still have a small area dedicated to your work. In addition, a pair of noise-canceling headphones could come in handy in case you’ve set your work desk in a high traffic part of the house. By doing that, you can filter out the noise and focus on your work despite the surrounding pandemonium.

4.     Get Gym Membership

You will be able to get a good workout that can be beneficial for your overall health. You can also take advantage of the childcare services that some gyms offer. On busy days when you won’t be able to go work out, you can still drop your child off at the gym to be looked after while you focus on your work.

5.     Wake Up Early

Waking up one or two hours earlier than your child/children could be beneficial as it allows you to maximize on the peace and quiet. You can plan your day and get as much work done as possible.

6.     Hire Help

A babysitter could come in handy as sometimes, juggling between being a mother and working can prove to be too cumbersome and nearly impossible to manage. With the help of a babysitter, you can dedicate all your energy to your work and meet deadlines. You also get some time to yourself. Besides, you’ve been working hard for the longest time and need to unwind. So why not treat yourself to some alone time? In addition, you can outsource some things such as design or other non-core functions. You save on time and avoid the frustration that comes with long hours of work.

Benefits of Working from Your Home

Working from home has its positive and negative side.    The positives, however, outweigh the negatives. The following discussion highlights the advantages of working from home for mothers;

·        Spending Time with Your Children

As a work-at-home mother, you do not necessarily have unlimited time with your children owing to the few hours of the day when you’re working. You do, however, get plenty of time with them. You get to be part of their daily lives throughout the day. During the occasional break, you can take time to bond with your children. You get to build a strong relationship with them as opposed to being so preoccupied with your career that you become detached from your kids and family. When you work from home, it will help you save on childcare costs.

·        Work Flexible Hours

Working from home gives you more control of your schedule, just as is the case with self-employed people. You can choose between working early in the morning before your children wake up or in the night after they’ve gone to sleep. It allows you more time to run errands and travel as you wish, without having to worry about taking a leave of absence from your work, all you will need it’s an ecommerce platform to set up your online business and the willingness to become a mompreneur!

·        No More Commuting

Commuting or traveling to work denies you the benefit of spending time with your family. You also waste time that you would rather utilize by working. Working from home ensures you don’t waste any time, thus creating time for both work and family. In addition to being a waste of time, commuting to work can be expensive, especially in the city. By working from home, you save on gas money, public transportation costs as well as retrospective car maintenance costs.

·        Generate Income for Your Family

Being a stay-at-home mother doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t work and chip in financially for your family. Several mothers are usually forced to leave their careers after childbirth to focus on raising their children. But, it is possible to ease yourself back into the workforce by starting your own home-based business. This way, you can maintain or generate income while spending time at home, while advertising your own business.

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Follow our tips above and watch your work flourish.

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