Online Marketing Tools for Your Business

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With over 28 million businesses on the online platform, you need a way to stand out from the competition.  While before the dependence was on analog Media such as Television or print, we now have digital marketing tools. You get to explore the different platforms, including social media, and use things such as search engine optimization to generate relevant traffic for your online store. You, however, need the right tools, and that is what we will show you below.

·        MailChimp

Email Marketing continues to be a very relevant tool for many businesses, whether online or offline.  MailChimp remains one of the best email marketing tools you will find anywhere. It has a long history since its launch in 2001. You have a wide range of self-service options, thus cutting back on the waiting time if you were waiting for someone to answer your questions. You can also benefit from the free plan if your mailing list has not hit their 2000 mark yet.

Some of the advantages of MailChimp include:-

  • The ability to import your email templates
  •  The ability to modify existing templates if you want to customize them as per your preference
  •  Easy editing with the point-and-click editor, even without coding knowledge
  •  Ability to integrate MailChimp with Facebook
  •  Unlimited  and free image hosting
  •  You can perform your analytics and compare it to other metrics
  •  By upgrading your account, you can remove the MailChimp logo from your outgoing emails.

Disadvantages of MailChimp

  • You may have some challenges with the integration of MailChimp with PayPal and WordPress
  • MailChimp can cancel or suspend your account without giving you any notice. they may do it if you receive many unsubscribe notifications, or if your target audience keeps spamming your emails
  •  The templates may not be very attractive, but on the reverse side it allows you to create your own
  •  It may not have the most friendly user interface

·        Trello

Trello will help you manage projects and coordinate with your teams on the online platform. The system consists of Cards boards and lists.  The drag and drop editor allows you to move your lists onto any boards as you wish. You can, for example, share blog posts and invite your team members to comment or make any relevant changes.  It allows you to centralize your marketing efforts in the same place.

Advantages of Trello

  • The platform is free,  easy to set up and use
  • The pricing is friendly.  For $25 per month, you get the unlimited access package, and it has a plethora of benefits.
  • You get notifications anytime someone makes a change on a particular task
  • It adjusts to any screen size, and you can use it from any device for the desktop or mobile
  • You get real-time updates
  • The project board allows you to see all your items on one page
  • It helps with assigning tasks, and adding members onto the platform is very simple.


  •  It does not have a calendar. It means that you have to track the datesmanually.
  •  You get limited labels and email integrations
  •  You may find it challenging to work with multiple tasks or cards because they are limited to one board or Project

E-commerce Platforms to create an Online Business

·        Hootsuite

Many businesses are continuing to realize the importance of social media. That could explain why very many of them are working so hard to have a strong social media presence. Hootsuite is a fantastic tool for scheduling your social media posts well in advance.  You, therefore, save a lot of time. You also do not have to contend with the fact that you may occasionally forget to post because you’re caught up doing other things.

Some of the benefits you get with this marketing tool are the opportunity to identify influences that you can work with. The dashboard allows you to respond to post from all your platforms. You do not need to log into every one of them. It also has a list of written responses that will save you time from having to craft them.

Hootsuite has different subscription packages, including the pro version, business, and custom plan. You will also need to pay for every additional member on your team; one member will cost you $10, while eight of them will cost you $115. There is also a cost for additional social profiles, which ranges from $10 to $50 depending on the number.

Advantages of Hootsuite

  •  You can use it on all your social media networks with ease.  You do not need to install it if you are monitoring Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare, and Instagram. You may, however, need to install it for platforms such as Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, Myspace, among others. Do note; there could be a cost implication for some of them.
  • The pricing is friendly; the pro version, which is suitable for most small businesses, will cost you less than $10 a month.  If you pay for an annual subscription, you will get some fantastic discounts.
  •  You get to manage all your accounts from the dashboard
  •  It allows you to preschedule your posts
  •  You can install different apps to help with efficiency in running your business
  •  You get Analytics that will give you relevant data reports


  • The free account is limiting, but again you need to be realistic about what you can expect from free packages
  •  Even with prescheduling he may still need to tackle some tasks such as adding of images which you cannot do in advance
  •  It is a robust platform, and if you lack the technical knowledge it can be overwhelming
  •  you may need some training to use the platform  which will cost you  slightly more than $20 per month
  •  Be careful about the apps you download, because some come at a cost which could make the running of the platform expensive.


The savvy business owner knows that marketing is an essential component of any business. You must also take advantage of any tools that you have available. The one you opt for will be specific to your requirements. Take the time to research the available tools, see what benefits they offer, and how much it will cost you so that you can decide. It also is a good idea for you to read the customer reviews so that you see what other people are saying before you sign up for any package.

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