Make Money from Home While Raising Your Kids

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Starting a business can be difficult, and it can even be more challenging if you have to do it while raising the kids. Sometimes you feel your children will be better off if you take care of them yourself. It, however, does not mean that you lose your ability to contribute to the overall running of the home. You will find very many women starting businesses right from the comfort of their homes. It gives them flexibility because they can arrange their schedules around their children while meeting their business obligations. We will share with you some job ideas for stay at home moms below.

·        Social Media Management

The Social Media platform has become a fantastic marketing tool for very many companies. However, most companies will delegate the job to a junior staff member who may not have the relevant knowledge to do it well. You can, therefore, bank upon your expertise in social media management to get some freelance jobs. As long as you do your work well, the companies will not have an issue with working with you remotely.

·        Sell Handmade Items

Many people want unique pieces, and that is why they gravitate towards handmade items. While mass-produced ones may be cheaper, they do not offer the same style and personalization. You will find a ready market if you have the right kind of items. Such include jewelry, furniture, clothes, among others. You must ensure that you market your products well so that you generate the right level of interest. Show what is unique about your work so that whoever is buying is okay with spending a bit more.

·        Dropshipping

Dropshipping allows you to sell without having to stock inventory. Once you decide on the item you want to sell, you look for a supplier, and they will ensure that the end customer receives the goods. You become that middle man because you connect the customer to the supplier. The customer will make the order from your online store; you will then forward the request to the supplier for completion of the transaction. You must be careful about the kind of supplier you choose so that you do not let your clients down. Also, ensure that the goods are of high quality so that you get to keep your customers and possibly get referrals.

·        Photography and Videography

Many people require the services of a good photographer or videographer for some of their events. It could be a corporate event such as product launches, team building, among others. It could be for family events such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, among others. It could be for individual purposes such as portrait photography, among others. Luckily, with technology, you no longer need a darkroom to develop the pictures. You will find so many software that you can use to edit your photographs. Invest in the right kind of equipment so that you can deliver good quality pictures and videos.

·        Proofreading Services

You can get a lot of work for proofreading services on many of the freelance platforms. You can also use the online space to market your services so that you target businesses, students, authors, individuals, among others. Be ready to dedicate the time to give your clients good work. Allocate yourself sufficient time to go through the documents because this is a time-intensive type of job.

·        Freelance Writing

You will find very many jobs on the online ecommerce platform for freelance writing. You get to generate content for very many uses, including blog posts, informational articles, product reviews, among others. You must have a good grasp of language and grammar, and be able to piece together exciting content for the end consumers.

·         Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website, consider affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you get to sell somebody else’s product through your website. You will need to sign on to an affiliate network, after which they will give you a link that you will post on your site. Anytime someone clicks on the link; it will redirect them to the product page. If they make the purchase, you will earn a commission. Amazon has fantastic programs for anyone who wants to get into affiliate marketing. Click here for more amazing marketing tools. 

·        Become a Life Coach

If you like to help people develop themselves into better people, you could consider becoming a life coach. With the online platform, you can do webinars; whether you are doing it 1 to 1 or on a group basis. You must have a passion for the job and equip yourself with the right kind of knowledge because you will be directly impacting somebody else’s life. Anyone who seeks the help of a life coach needs help because they feel they need a Turning Point.

·        Rental Properties

Real estate can be very profitable if you buy in the right places. You get to make passive income because once you rent out the property, you do not need to involve yourself in the day-to-day running. It could be residential or commercial property, but it should be in a place that people will want. Only then can you be sure you will get customers for your premises. Make sure you draw up proper leases or contracts. Engage a lawyer to draw up the papers to avoid issues with your tenants in the future. The best part about real estate is you could always sell it for a tidy sum if you no longer want the property. It is also Fantastic collateral l in case you need to get a loan.

Business Ideas for Working Mothers


There are so many business opportunities for the stay-at-home mom. You get to do your part as a nurturer while contributing to the financial aspects of the home. Whatever line of business you go into, you must ensure that you have the right knowledge. Schedule sufficient time so that you meet the client’s requirements. Be unique in your offering so that you keep attracting customers.

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