Lucrative Business Ideas for Stay at Home Mums

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Statistics indicate that up to 48% of stay at home moms will actually look for a way to make money while taking care of their children. Many turn to their career choice as an avenue for making money from home. There is interest from very many mums about how to start and successfully run a home business. Raising the family is a massive contribution from the woman, but there is greater satisfaction in being able to contribute financially as well. That is why many will take on the additional stress of running a business while making sure that the home is running efficiently.

To work from home, you must be able to schedule your time well so that there are no overlapping activities. Be realistic about what you can achieve so that you avoid any disappointments. Your mind-set also needs to be right. You must understand that not being able to do everything correctly does not mean you are not doing your best. Let us check out some of the things you can do as a stay-at-home mom. Follow these tips for working mothers.

·        Run a Mobile Spa

Do you have the relevant certification in beauty therapy, massage, Aesthetics, among others? If yes, do not let your skill go to waste. You could easily set up a mobile spa that will allow you to take your services to your clients. Remember, some so many people do not have the time to go to the spa. So how about you bring the services right to their doorstep. Market your Services well, clearly highlighting why someone should use your skills. Testimonials are a fantastic way to sell your services. Schedule your appointments for when their kids are away at school. You may, however, need to interview one or two good babysitters for the days you may need to work when they are around. Think about getting into partnerships with suppliers of beauty products so that you buy from them, and they refer clients to you. It becomes a win-win situation for both sides. With time, you can even start to stock the products so that you increase your revenue streams.

·        Become a Personal Chef

If you enjoy cooking and can come up with some fantastic dishes, then you could think about becoming a private chef. Some people are too busy to prepare meals themselves but appreciate a home-cooked meal. You will, therefore, become the solution to their problems. You have the option of making the meals from your home and delivering it to the client. The other alternative is to cook from the client’s kitchen. Both options have good and bad sides and will depend on what the client wants.

·        Become a Web Consultant

There are so many business opportunities on the online platform. You can find a job such as web development, marketing, data management, search engine optimization, programming, among others. The opportunities are many, but you must be able to deliver as per the client’s expectations. You must also ensure that you keep up with the latest trends because the online world changes daily. There is always a new update, or trend that is emerging, and you must show your client value by having a good understanding of it.

·        Offer Financial Services

You may have a background in finance and can provide financial services as a consultant. There are so many areas you could get into, including accounting, investments, and tax issues, among others.

·        Run a Consignment Shop

The advantage of running a consignment shop is you stock inventory without needing to spend any money. You will only pay the owner of the item for what you sell, and it can, therefore, become a fantastic place to sell second-hand items. You split profits with the item owners as per your agreement.

·        Gardening

There are many aspects of gardening you could go into, including growing and selling herbs, selling organic powder, among others. You will need to have sufficient space for farming and the right knowledge. You can then market directly from your farm or even partner with local stores to sell your produce Check out, these marketing tools for you to try now.

·        Sell Natural Soap

There is an emerging industry for natural soap because many people would like to avoid the chemicals that are in the factory produced ones. The handmade soap uses natural ingredients such as aloe vera special herbs, among others. You must make sure that you research your products thoroughly because you do not want your customers to react to your products negatively. Market yourself well and attractively package your products. Make sure you include product descriptions that highlight the benefits of handmade versus factory-produced soap. If you have a website, you can use it to share more information, thus ensuring that you get people interested in your product.

Business Ideas for Working Mothers

·        Gift Basket

So many people struggle with finding that perfect gift item, and this is where you bring in your expertise. Come up with exciting gift baskets for different occasions, whether holidays, weddings, baby showers, among others. You must be creative and have the right mix of items that you present in an innovative, attractive package. Invest in good quality photographs so that you can upload some of the pictures of your gift baskets on the online platforms. You can also decide to focus on corporates because they’re always looking for gift items for the end of year parties, staff retirements, among others


There are many lucrative Ventures that you can get into as a stay-at-home working mom. Like any other job, you need to schedule your time well and dedicate sufficient time to running the business. You also need to market yourself very well because you will be competing with other people. Take advantage of the online and social media platforms to spread awareness of your business. Ask your clients for reviews or testimonials because they are an essential element for marketing yourself.

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