How to Find That Perfect Balance between Work and Family Life for Moms

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Parenting is one of the toughest jobs, if not the toughest. There is no university you will go to that will give you a degree to make you the perfect parent. Yet we have the daily demands of life that require you to leave home to make a living. However, being a full-time parent is not easy, and many mums have to look for a way to contribute to the family finances while taking care of the children full time.

We understand that it is not easy, and that is why you need to find the perfect work-family life balance. Without this balance, your stress levels will be very high, and every time you have to leave the children, you will get hit with feelings of guilt. Our article will focus on some of the things you can do to make the process a bit easier for you.

·        Understand That You Are Doing It Out Of Necessity

One major challenge working women have is the feeling of guilt. It feels awful when you have to hand over the childcare responsibilities to someone else. If we had a choice, we would choose to stay at home. But life has a very different reality. You must, therefore, contend with the fact that you are working out of necessity, and your children will enjoy a better life because of the sacrifices you are currently making. Surround yourself with people who understand what you are going through, and can become your support system. You may face some backlash from society, which can be very harsh and judgmental, but you must grow a thick skin and do what you feel is best for your family.

·        Spend Time in Looking For the Right Childcare

We have all heard or experienced our share of horror stories with regards to childcare. While you will not always be able to foresee such situations, you must do your part in looking for an excellent childcare service. Know precisely what you require and do not be willing to compromise on certain things. You must ask about the history of the person or facility you want to use. Ask for references, and call them up.

Also, find out what additional training they have. You would, for example, want to know that you are leaving your new-born with someone who has first aid knowledge. Take the time to interact with the Nanny or childcare provider, so that you see how they interact with your little one. Do not ignore any intuition or nagging feeling, which may be telling you that this may not be the perfect person or place for your child.

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·        Plan Yourself Well

It can be challenging trying to get the kids together while you are also running late. Ensure that you do all your planning well in advance. You could, for example, pack lunch and lay out the clothes at night. If you can, do your grocery shopping during the weekend. You avoid having to rush to the store after a busy day. Come up with a menu for the whole week. If there are certain items you can prepare in advance, do so during the weekends when you have some free time. You must also actively engage children who are of age in some of the activities. It will make life easier by relieving you of some of the burdens while teaching the little ones responsibility from an early age.

·        Have an Open Discussion with Your Employer

Some organizations are very understanding when it comes to working mums. You may, for example, get a level of flexibility with regards to what time you come in and leave. However, note that not all organizations are like this, and you must, therefore, talk to your employer. You may have to make the tough decision to leave the organization if it interferes with your mothering. You must ensure that you deliver your work as per expectation. If you are not able to make it to the office, you must provide an alternative. With the explosion of the online space, it is possible to work remotely. So, if you have to spend the day at home because of whatever reason, you can still show your boss that you will be able to deliver.

Check on the kids during the day. You may be putting in long hours, and you start to feel that you are neglecting your children. It would help if you could occasionally pick up the phone and call up the kids. With video calls, you get to interact with the kids, and they know that Mummy is thinking about them from wherever she is. When you decide to call the kids, do not rush the conversation because children pick up on nuances, and they may feel that they are bothering you. If you have a spare 30 minutes,get in some discussion with the kids. You could even help them do some of their school work, tell them a story, sing their favorite songs with them, among others. Not only will they feel better, but it will elevate your mood resulting in Greater productivity.

·        Make Time for Yourself

Yes, you have work, yes you have baby and yes you have a home to run, but what about you? What good are you if you are stressed and always tired? We cannot stress this enough; you need some time to recoup so that you can be the best mum and productive worker ever. Go to the gym, go to the spa, go out for a drink with your friends, and treat yourself to a nice dinner, among others.


Finding that work, family balance can be difficult. For many people, you will find that you are neglecting one aspect, and it can lead to frustration and stress. However, if you apply the right tactics, you can manage to find balance and Excel at both.

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