Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Digital Marketing Tools

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Many customers will purchase their products from the online space.  It is a convenient way to shop, and you get the information right from wherever you are.  You have the use of a desktop device or mobile appliance to reach your supplier at whatever time of the day. It has, therefore, made it necessary for most businesses to have an online presence. However, having a presence in the digital space is all good, but are you connecting with your customers. Are you meeting the customer needs in the right way? Do you know exactly what your customers are looking for?  Do you have the right tools to help you with your marketing? Let us explore the factors you need to consider when choosing your digital marketing tools.

·        Do You Understand, And Can You Meet Customer Expectations?

Marketing 101 dictates that before you even launch a business, you must have a proper understanding of your target audience. You must develop a target profile and fully understand what their needs are. The modern customer has a lot of access due to the online space. Information is there at the click of the fingers, meaning that they can research products and services, something that was very difficult in the earlier days.  The customer has control over their purchasing decision and will no longer depend on the marketing material to make a decision.

As a business, you must be able to adapt to the new customer.  You must be able to grab their attention and look for different ways to reach them. It is all about creating an impression and ensuring that you get the customer at their touchpoint. They must also have a pleasant experience with your brand and products so that you sway their purchasing decision to your side.

·        How Digital Are You?

The reality for anyone who is operating in the online space is that you are dealing with very digital customers. You must therefore adapt and respond to the customer right wherever they are.  You may, for example, find that your business is suffering because you have not optimized for mobile. Yet the modern customer will do their research and purchase the product right from their mobile devices. And even if you find them at that point, are you exceeding their expectations? Are you able to meet their multi-channel demands while ensuring the experience remains excellent throughout?

E-commerce Platforms to create an Online Business

·        Multi-Channel Marketing

You must have multi-channel marketing as part of your strategy. Fortunately, there are so many tools that can allow you to reach your audience is on different platforms. However, you must have a good understanding of the customer journey so that you continue to personalize the experience for them wherever they are. The tools you use should give you cohesive, insightful data that addresses the different aspects of the typical customer. You will need to understand what influences your customers purchasing decision. You will then get enough information to help you create fantastic experiences through your marketing activities.

·        Do The Tools Allow You To Give A Holistic Customer Experience?

There is no harm in using the multiple tools available for your online marketing needs. However, once you get the data, what do you do with it? Are you able to link it in a way that allows you to have adequate data on your different customers?You may, for example, find that you need potent CRM tools such as Hubspot. You can then combine it with other tools such as Google Analytics for additional insights.

You may come across other tools that have an all-in-one kind of solution to make the process easier for you.  You are in the best place to determine what you need and what works for you. You should, however, be able to track wherever your customers are, whether on the website, social media platforms, mobile apps, among others.

·        What Functionality Do The Tools Give You?

Different tools have different functionalities, and you must get the one that responds to the particular need you have. Do you, for example, require web analysis, email marketing, social media tracking, and monitoring, among others?You may find that when you are just starting a business, you do not have a very high need for some of the functions. However, the more your business scales, the more you need to invest in advanced tools. Fortunately, many of the online marketing tools have different subscription plans that allow you to scale, the more your business grows.

·        Does It Allow You To Integrate With The Existing System?

Themarketing tool youchoose should allow integration without needing to change your entire system.  They should also work well with other marketing tools that you may need to incorporate into your overall strategy. Eventually, what you are looking for is a way to interact and engage with customers at their touchpoints.

·        User Experience

Look for a tool that is easy to set up and easy to use. You do not want to incur the cost of getting in an expert every time you want to install the new marketing tool.It must also have regular updates so that you always stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

·        Cost Aspect

The rule with regards to anything is that you get what you pay for.  Many tools have free products, but the more you advance, the more you will need to part with some money.  In the initial stages, go for the basic packages and only upgrade when there is a need to.

·        SystemMaintenance

The more tools you have, the more attention you will need to pay to system maintenance. You must keep up with the upgrades, security, backups, performance, among others.


Many factors go into deciding which the best marketing tool for your business is. We have highlighted some above, but the most critical aspect is to have a good understanding of your needs. You must also understand your customers by taking into consideration their needs, touchpoints, expectations, among others.

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