Business Ideas for Working Moms

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Mothers are the cornerstone of every family. We all want to provide without having to compromise on being a stay-at-home mom. It is, however, no mean feat trying to balance between working and being a mother at the same time. Staying at home with your children is a luxury most working mothers cannot afford.

Fortunately, the growth of working at home over the years has made it possible to be both a mother and an entrepreneur. This has made it possible for mothers to bring in some extra income while keeping their families a central part of their day to day lives. Remember it is all about knowing how to balance your life. It could also be the key to achieving your personal and work goals. To help you get started, here is a list of business ideas suitable for stay-at-home moms.

·        Online Selling

Online selling is a tricky yet very profitable avenue or business venture for any stay-at-home mom. All it takes to excel is a proper understanding of how the market works. You can buy goods in bulk at a low price and later retail them at a higher price online, thus making a profit. You can use popular platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or even Instagram for advertising the goods you are selling and price. It is possible to sell up to hundreds of products a day once you get into the practice. That way, you can make a very sizeable profit. Remember that  in order to do this it is important to set up an online store first.

·        Childcare Services

Being a mother, you have the innate ability to take care of children. You can exploit this ability by starting your childcare services. There are certain checks that you will have to pass to be able to start such a business. Such include, getting planning permission from local authorities and going through a childminding course. You must also set aside the necessary capital for starting up your childcare center.

Once you have gone through and indeed passed all the necessary checks, it is time to open shop. You can invite other working mothers or parents to drop their children off for you to look after while they head to work. In addition, you can pick up older children from school and take care of them until their parents leave work and come pick them up. Being a mom could as well prove to be a profitable profession or business venture if you are passionate about children. You can also advertise your services online.

·        Blogging

Blogging has been at an all-timehigh recently with the emergence of new blog spots and bloggers. It is provingto be a profitable venture for anyone, especially mothers who prefer to work from home. It requires that you put in the time to yield maximum profit. You can make money off blogging by placing adverts on your blog site, as well as selling e-books or other resources to your subscribers. When your audience is broad enough, you can receive endorsements and gifts from sponsors, which is a bonus to blogging as a business venture.

·        Become a Virtual Assistant

Being at home doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot take a full or part-time job. The expansion of job opportunities through the emergence of new markets and marketing tools, has allowed mothers to be able to earn money while taking care of their children. Virtual assistants are increasingly becoming popular, as they are a fantastic way for businesses to save money through outsourcing.

As a virtual assistant, your work will include making or receiving calls, organizing bookings or events for the company on a calendar or diary as well as responding to emails. You may also take on personal assistant duties, such as organizing travel details. Sole proprietors are most likely to require your services as a virtual assistant. You can stack up clients to boost your reputation and increase your earnings. You can find opportunities to become a virtual assistant from sites such as and

·        Become an Artist

If you have the artistic talent of any kind-be it drawing, music, or sculpting, you can exploit it to start a business that reflects your ability.  Sell paintings online or make sculptures and ornaments that you can auction off to gain a sustainable income. You can create your designs and sell merchandise such as shirts or hats through the internet. You can explore your passion for art as an avenue for profit.

·        Become a Bridal Consultant

If you have a passion for weddings, are keen to detail and are an organized person, you might want to consider becoming a bridal consultant. It is a great niche to exploit, as; many mothers are forced to juggle between work and taking care of their families. As such, wedding planning may be a near-impossible task for them. For such mothers, working with a wedding planner or consultant would be the best solution.

·        Become a Fitness Instructor

If you are passionate about fitness, your love for getting into shape could be a proper business venture. You could offer online classes via Skype for clients or train them at your home. Moreover, you could start a fitness blog that gives your clients or subscribers tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can also sell suitable workout training programs tailored to the specific needs of your clients.

Business Ideas for Working Mothers

·        Home-based bakery

Exploit your baking skills and love for cooking by starting your home-based bakery.You can sell fresh pastries to customers around the area and local stores. You may even begin your catering services.Remember to learn how to market well your products, since in this industry that it’s a key factor to succeed. 

·        Start a Real Estate Management Company

Many moms have been able to start successful businesses from their homes while still being able to look after their children and keeping a flexible schedule. Real estate management is one of the firms which do not require your physical presence in an office all the time. Set up a virtual office at home with phone and computer access to get started.


Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t necessarily mean not being able to work and generate income for yourself and your family. Get a new career started from one of these business ideas and fulfill your dreams of self-employment.

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