Best Hacks For a Stay At Home Working Mom

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  • There is a video that shows a husband come home and castigate his wife for not keeping a clean house. According to him, she does nothing the whole day. The lady looks at her husband forlornly, then turns and walks away. But she throws something into the trash can, and the husband is curious to see what it is. He picks it up, and it is a to-do list that she would cross out once she finished a particular task. The husband was shocked to realize that his wife had so much work during the day. While this may have been a dramatized version of events, it applies to many mums. The stay at home mum does not have much time left over at the end of the day. The situation gets worse if she is working from home because she has to set aside time for her side hustle. If you are in this situation, we will give you some fantastic hacks that can make your life so much easier.

·        Set Your Alarm Clock to an Hour or Two Earlier

Forget about sleeping till 7 a.m.; you will need to wake up at least 2 hours earlier than everyone else does. Now use this time to relax and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. You can get in some exercise, do some yoga, have a cup of coffee, read your favorite bible verse, and catch up with the news, among others. Whatever gets you ready, now is the time to do it.

·        Dress Up and Show Up

You may not feel that there is any need to dress up when you are a stay-at-home, work at home mum. However, there is a direct link between how you look and feel. Fix your hair, put on a little makeup, dress smartly, and it will shock you how confidence-boosting those simple activities can be.

·        Have Your Workspace

Setting up a workspace will focus your thinking a bit more. The workspace should be in a quiet area away from where other family members may congregate. Have it away from the TV so that your favorite program does not come on, and you abandon the work you were doing. Psychologically it also gives you the feeling that you are engaging in formal work, which requires the necessary attention.

·        Have a Schedule

Scheduling your day will help you stay organized, resulting in your ability to achieve so many tasks. See how good it feels to cross off the to-do items.

·        Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

There is no perfection in being a mum, and no one will penalize you for having a little chaos around you. So do not fret if the breakfast dishes are not done by 10 o’clock, as long as you get around to it.

·        Teach the Kids to Pick Up After Themselves

You must teach your children responsibility from a very early age. They must learn to pick up after themselves and leave their surroundings tidy. You should also delegate specific tasks to the kids so that you no longer have to worry about them. There is no age that one is too young to learn some responsibility, and they should grow up knowing what you require of them.

·        Know Your Most Productive Hours

There are peak and downtimes with regard to energy levels for everyone. The best time to get any work done is when your energy levels are high. This is the time to tackle most of the tasks, or even focus on the income-generating activities.

·        Plan the Family Activities

You will find that you save a lot of time by planning family activities. You must especially ensure that you do this for the kids so that they do not become a distraction when you are trying to do other jobs. A bored child will not let you work.  If you have activities already set up for them, you can keep them entertained while you work on other things. You must, however, ensure that you occasionally participate so that they do not feel like you are neglecting them.

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·        Be Realistic and Know When to Stop

Many mums seem to have this internal thing that makes them want to be perfect at whatever they do. That is why we judge ourselves so harshly when we are not able to complete specific tasks. Yet, the truth is you’re not Superwoman, and can only achieve a certain number of things in a day. You must, therefore, be realistic with your expectations, and most importantly, know when to stop.

·        Make Time for Yourself

You love your family; we get that. You want to contribute to the running of the home. That is why you have decided to work from home: we also understand that. But one thing we are also sure about is that you are human, and you need to make time for yourself. This time should be away from family and work so that you focus on you. You could go for a massage, go to the spa, go out for a drink, and go for a long walk, among others. If you did not take the time to unwind, you would not be effective at mothering, being a partner, or being a productive worker.

·        Have Support Networks

Support networks are essential for any work at home stay at home mum you may occasionally need a place to leave the kids as your run to finish some chores. You may need someone to talk to because one thing you will miss for sure is adult company. You may need advice on certain things around life and work. The support network can be your family, friends, and social groups, among others.


The best hacks for a stay-at-home, work at home mother are essential if you want to get much done during the day. Most of it requires that you plan yourself well, and you be realistic about what you can achieve. You must also know when to stop because it is not possible to achieve perfection in everything you do. Do not punish yourself if the house is not sparkling clean, or if dinner is not ready on time. The best hack we could possibly give is to tell you to work towards achieving a proper balance so that your professional and personal life do not collide in any way.

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