Balancing Single Motherhood and the Work-Life

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Many working parents find it hard to juggle between parenthood and work life. Even when you are two of you, it can be very challenging, and so you can imagine the situation for a single parent. We have very many homes that are running on the strength of a single mother. So what do you need to do to ensure that you are enough of a presence in your children’s lives while managing to take care of their daily needs?

We will explore the topic and give you some fantastic tips on how to cope.

·        You Must Work For the Right Employer

Not all employers will be accommodating to your situation as a single parent. There are some companies with policies that would make it very hard for you to work for them and have children who depend entirely upon you. Do your research before you think of applying for a job in a particular company. If you get the opportunity, talk to other employees and see what they have to say. There are certain things you can look out for, which will let you know that the company you are applying to is family-friendly. Such things include the benefits you get, for example, medical cover. You must also carefully listen to how they talk when they are interviewing you. If, for example, the work hours seem a bit unreasonable, you can ask about it from the onset. If they are not willing to discuss it, then you know you will have a problem if you ever need some time off.

·        Be Transparent With Your Employer

Some women may want to hide the fact that they are single parents because of the stigma that comes with the label. You must, however, be very open with your employer and let them know that you may occasionally need flexibility on their part.

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·        Work On Your Schedule

If there is one thing that is challenging for any parent, it is working on a proper plan. But you must, because there is so much we need to do before the 24 hours are over. You must be very careful about letting your parenting hours overlap with the work hours. If you do not find the right balance, your children will suffer because they will not see you. You can even try and negotiate with your employer to allow you to work remotely for some part of the day. You may also consider part-time, not full-time employment. If you want to know how to choose the best e-comemrce platform for your online business, click here

·        Work On Your Calendar

Your home and work calendar should be one so that you do not overlap or forget about important things. If you have them separate, you may, for example, schedule a meeting for a time when you need to be at the children’s school.

Do not become that mother who is called by the school administrator, because you forgot to pick up the kids. You also forgot to attend a recital that your child has been practicing for some time. Your child will not forgive you, and you will spend a long time trying to make it up to him or her.

·        Learn To Ask For Help

Single mums find it very difficult to ask for help because they are afraid of the judgment that may come with their request. While it is true some people look for the slightest chance to cast aspersions on your mothering abilities, not everyone is the same. You know the people you can turn to for help anytime you need a break.

You must also balance how much work you take on at the office. One important thing you need to learn how to do is to delegate responsibility. If you are in a management position, delegating tasks not only saves you time, but it allows you to see how your team is performing.

·        Be Open about What You Can and Cannot Take On

It is critical that from the very beginning, you are clear about the expectations you have with regards to the job. You may, for example, not be able to take on sudden jobs that require you to be out of town. You may also not be able to work past a particular hour, or even pull an all-nighter.

You must, however, see how you can make up for the hours you take off from work. Inasmuch as you are a mum, you must always remember that you are working for someone who requires you to do your bit with regard to your official work. But at the same time you can learn new things to implement them in your work, remember to keep learning always. We recommend you to take a look at a this article on the best marketing digital tools for a business.

·        Keep Clear Boundaries

Keeping clear boundaries means that when you are at work, you’re doing your job; when you are at home, you are a mum. There should not be any point at which the two roles collide, because one aspect will suffer. It means you do not take work home, and if you really must, only do it after you have put the children to bed.  The kids must never feel like you are neglecting them, or that they have to fight for your attention. The only challenge with taking office work home is that you will not be able to allocate any time to yourself. When the children go to bed, that is the perfect time to pour yourself a glass of wine or make a hot cup of chocolate and unwind.

·        Remember You Are Still an Employee

You may have the world’s best boss, who understands that you are a single mum. You must, however, not take that understanding for granted by not doing your work to the best of your ability. At the end of the day, you are still an employee, and the company can let you go if your work seems to be suffering.


Being a parent, whether single or not, is hard. You understand that the well-being of the family lies solely on your shoulders, and you must, therefore, do everything within your power to ensure they are alright. You must be able to do everything and anything to find a balance between the home and the office. We have looked at some of the things you can do above, but every individual is unique in how they handle situations. Look for what works well for you, and perfect it, so that you avoid going through stress and frustrations as a single mum.

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